Vehicles moving in the wrong direction represent a major danger. SP-WWIS™ is an advanced, solar powered system that facilitates supervision in real time and immediately detects vehicles driving the wrong way.

    Solar powered system
    System can be remotely monitored Visualizations of multiple wrong way detections Automate a wrong way alert by SMS
    Control dynamic signs to alert the wrong way driving vehicle Configurable for different speeds Operates 24/7
    Works with different types of pavement Stand-alone system—does not require physical connections
    Can be remotely configured via mobile broadband connection

    Typical Installation Components

    Solar Kit
    SR-WWID camera installed at minimum 23 ft (7 m) of height Dynamic signal to alert the wrong way driving vehicle of the infraction

  • Solar Speed Detector ™

    Their own speed in 3 different colors
    A pictogram « Danger Reminder » alternately in case of excessive speeds (optional) 5 Messages according to the speeds (optional). In addition, the device enables you to record the traffic statistics (optional).

    Setup and data collection for traffic statistics are done via the software « SolarPath » and the connection with the device is made by an USB cable (standard), Bluetooth (optional), remote transfer/shelf (optional) and G.P.R.S. (optional).

  • Intelligent Ice Detector System

    Very powerful ice detection system with humidity sensor and an intelligent temperature reader.
    The system works with solar energy, allowing the placement of the system in any critical point of a road.

    RF Transmitter, integrated humidity and temperature sensors
    Transmission Range: 820 feet. This product and with the presented functionalities it’s a step forward on the detection of dangerous places due to the ice formation.

    Frequency: 433mhz
    Data Rate: Up to 9.6 kbps
    Power Supply: 12 V DC / standard or solar
    Warning signal activates via Receptor Module (RIA)
    Ultra Bright LED
    Green: No Ice
    Red: Ice Detected

WRONG WAY. Typical Installation Components

Intelligent Ice Detector System