• Light Mark S2X is the revolutionary surface-level installed model of the Light Mark series.

    Light Mark S2X is built for uni-directional or bi-directional lane delineation and is installed at surface-level as opposed to conventional above surface pavement markers. The hologram design of the unit’s illumination surface ensures that the light projects at an elevated angle which is visible at long distances (3,300ft. / 1000m) as if it was installed above surface. Combined with passive retroreflectors the Light Mark S2X provides the ultimate solution for night time guidance and demarkation all year round.

    More wear and tear resistant and lasts longer than above ground devices
    Designed to withstand the weight load of heavy trucks and trailers
    Snow-plow resistant
    Safer for light vehicles such as motorcycles which are veryvulnerable to uneven road surfaces (especially at high speeds)
    Vandal resistant

    Lane deliniation
    Shoulder marking
    Lane dividers
    Safety guide rails
    Curves and turns
    Speed humps
    Traffic circles / islands
    General traffic calming
    Security barricades
    Marking of underground cables
    Fire hydrant marking

  • The SP-IPCS is an automatic system for effective pedestrian detection.

    Using real-time image processing and visible lighting to warn drivers of crossing pedestrians in a safe and effective way.

    Easy to Use
    Push button or motion activated
    Easy to Understand
    Standard FHWA signal flash rate or sequenced
    Easy to Install and Maintain
    Can be installed by city personnel
    Low maintenance and long LED life
    Low cost
    1/10 technology & solar PV option
    Energy Efficient
    LED technology & solar PV option
    Solar Power Option
    No electrical required

    Perfect for:
    High Traffic Areas
    Senior Centers
    Mid-Block Crossings
    Corporate Campuses
    Limited Visibility Corners

  • SolaTile I engages a photovoltaic array laid in a perimeter-style orientation along the edges of the tile surface.

    The square enclosure centers on an opaque diffusive plane, through which colors are horizontally diffused. The effect is the creation of small square pools of light.
    Sola Tile I continues to exceed expectations many years after its initial development. Used in residential, public, commercial, and industrial design, the unit has weathered all environments faultlessly. It is an original, dependable, and unique addition to any lighting design.

    Pool decks
    Pool bottoms
    Building exteriors
    And many more…

LIghtmark S2X™